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In 1991, William J. Jefferson was elected to the United States Congress from the Second Congressional District. Diana E. Bajoie of New Orleans replaced Jefferson in the Louisiana Senate, thus becoming the first Black woman to be elected to the Senate. Renee' Gill Pratt was then elected to the House of Representatives to complete Bajoie's unexpired term.


In 1992, Charles D. Jones of Monroe, Marc H. Morial of New Orleans, and Donald Cravins of Grand Couteau were elected to the Senate. John M. Guidry of Baton Rouge replaced Joseph A. Delpit, who did not seek reelection, in the House. Willie Hunter, Jr. replaced Charles D. Jones in the House. Additionally, Edwin R. Murray of New Orleans filled Charles R. Jones' unexpired term in the House after Jones was elected as Judge of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Roy Quezaire replaced Melvin Irvin, Jr. of Gonzales. Also elected in 1992 from newly created House districts were Pinkie C. Wilkerson of Grambling, Dr. Charles I. Hudson of Opelousas, Wilfred Pierre of Lafayette, Dr. C. O. Simpkins of Shreveport, Israel B. Curtis of Alexandria, Sharon Weston of Baton Rouge, David Armstrong and Troy A. Carter of New Orleans and Kyle M. Green of Marrero. In 1992, Senator Dennis Bagneris became the first African American President Pro Tempore of the Louisiana Senate and Sherman N. Copelin, Jr. became the second African American Speaker Pro Tempore of the Louisiana House of Representatives.


In 1993, Cleo Fields was elected to the U. S. Congress from the 4th Congressional District and Representative John M. Guidry filled Field's vacant seat in the Louisiana Senate. Yvonne (Dorsey) Welch was then elected to complete Guidry's term in the House. In addition, Paulette R. Irons filled Irma Muse-Dixon's vacant House seat after Muse-Dixon was elected to the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Mr. Elcie Guillory of Lake Charles was elected to replace Wilford Carter in the House after Carter was elected as a district judge. After David Armstrong of New Orleans served just a small portion of his term, Cynthia Willard-Lewis was elected to complete his unexpired term.


In 1994, Senator Marc Morial was elected Mayor of New Orleans and Representative Troy Carter was elected to the New Orleans City Council, thus creating two vacancies. Paulette R. Irons replaced Marc Morial in the Senate and a non African-American was elected to fill her vacant seat. A non African-American was also elected to fill Troy Carter's seat. Also, Senator Diana E. Bajoie was elected as the sixth chairman of the LLBC, thus becoming the first female chairman of the Caucus.


In 1996, Ernest Baylor was elected to fill the House seat formerly occupied by Willie Singleton, who did not seek reelection. Cedric B. Glover was elected to fill the house seat left vacant by Dr. C. O. Simpkins, who ran for another office. Wilson Fields, brother of Cleo Fields, was elected to the Senate filling a seat left vacant by a non African-American. Dennis R. Bagneris was elected to his second term as President Pro Tempore of the Senate and Raymond A. Jetson was elected as the Black Caucus’ seventh chairman.


In 1997, Sen. John Guidry was elected as judge, thereby creating a vacancy in the Senate. Former U.S. Congressman Cleo Fields was elected to fill the remaining term of Sen. Guidry. Also, Sherman N. Copelin, Jr. was elected as LLBC’s eighth chairman in 1997 and was re-elected to serve additional terms in 1998 and 1999.


In 1998, Senator Dennis Bagneris was elected as judge to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Lambert Boissiere, Jr. was elected to complete his term in 1999.


Also in 1999, Rev. Avery Alexander, one of the Caucus’ founding members, died following the LLBC Community Outreach Tour. Sherman N. Copelin, Jr. and Naomi Farve lost their bids for reelection and Rep. Danny Mitchell and Raymond A. Jetson did not seek reelection. During 1999 elections, Karen Carter of New Orleans was elected to Rev. Alexander’s vacant seat; Leonard Lucas and Cedric Richmond replaced Sherman Copelin and Naomi Farve, respectively; Lydia Jackson of Shreveport filled Danny Mitchell’s seat and Michael Jackson of Baton Rouge replaced Raymond Jetson. Senator Cleo Fields was elected as Black Caucus’ ninth chairman.

Diana E. Bajoie
Marc H. Morial
John M. Guidry
Sharon Weston Broome
Paulette R. Irons
Wilson Fields
Cedric Richmond
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