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The LLBC Calls for Transparency, a Thorough and Full Investigation in the Tragic Fatal Shooting of A

As a friend of the men and women who risk their lives daily and as a protector of our citizens, the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (LLBC) is concerned with the mortal shooting in the last 48-hours in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of citizen Alton Sterling.

The LLBC is grateful to Governor John Bel Edwards for taking the lead in calling for an independent investigation involving the Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Civil Rights, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and call for peaceful demonstrations. Additionally, the LLBC stands with the family, community, Mayor, Chief of Police, our local social justice organizations and religious community in requesting transparency in this investigation and an answer of clarity to the policy for officers wearing body cameras.

“Regrettably, today, is another sad day in the American landscape where there is gun violence and to a larger concern, how we arrived at this tragic moment, once again”, said LLBC Chairman, Dr. Joseph Bouie, Jr.

The La. Legislative Black Caucus (LLBC), will work with and demand that police all over the state of Louisiana quickly find a sustainable way to deal with like situations so that we do not have another scene as was witnessed by all on the news and online from the chilling cell phone video captured in Baton Rouge on Tuesday in the a.m. hours.

The LLBC is asking that everyone hold their judgment until we have all of the facts, and, that wherever the facts may bring us; the family gets swift justice and satisfaction. In the ways of our ancestors, a reminder that peace, order, perseverance, due diligence and a plan will help all communities moving forward.


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